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Responsive and mobile optimized

No coding, no IT skills required

Generate them in seconds

Instant wins and quizzes

Give your audience a change to win something instantly

Set the odds of winning (Instant wins)

Set up the questions to be answered (Quizzes)

Winners are selected by the platform

Configure flows to automatically reward winners


Collect entries, incentivize participants

Set the number of winners and automatically reward them

Signup forms that fit your business

Designed to catch your audience's attention and prompt action

Create as many as you want

Consistent with your branding

EU law compliant

See your lists grow

Access detailed data

Get reports on visitors, clicks, conversions

Find out what is working

Segment data with our built-in analytics tool

Analytics and reports

Automate your rewards

Configure complete brand experiences for your audience

Combine landing pages with campaigns, vouchers and surveys

Automatically reward participants and winners with free downloads, exclusive offerings, discounts, gift cards, membership cards, event admissions and more

Learn about automations

Easy builder

Design branded pages like a pro

Choose from many lovely templates

Drag and drop photos and content blocks

Replicate and re-order them to get the layout that match your needs

Guaranteed great looks on any device

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Tabs in facebook

Have your opt in forms appear natively in your business pages

Convert facebook likes to real contacts

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More things to read

A few automation ideas for turning new customers into regulars.

GDPR Forms, Improved Contact Management and GDPR Messaging templates

Create enticing opt in incentives.

How it works

Configure your opt-in pages

Post them in your social media or import them in your web pages

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Participants are automatically rewarded


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People that click on your post on social media...

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...they convert by typing their info in your landing page

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