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Space Pizza
Today 09:25
Dear Mr Peter Parker, your order with id: 67DE5 is in the mail. Allow three days for arrival. Track your order tld.vc/d765r Our new catalog tld.vc/bef9 Here is your discount coupon tld.vc/lo75 Update your profile: tld.vc/4h6d

Make it personal

Humanize your texts

Segment with laser focus

Insert sender's name, your subscriber’s name and location or a variety of other personalizations

Attach unique vouchers, coupons, polls and surveys

Birthdays, Name days, GDPR templates

Space Pizza
Today 09:25
Dear Mr Steve Rogers, happy birthday. Click here to get your discount coupon:tld.vc/r69 Our new menu: tld.vc/bo28 Update your profile: tld.vc/99r Terms and conditions: tld.vc/99r

Attach anything as tiny links

Menus, flyers, PDFs, invitations, reports, office documents

Surveys, polls and votings

Mobile coupons, tickets, membership cards

Opt out and update profile links

View deliverability and link statistics


We guarantee delivery

Reach any phone anywhere in the world with the speed and power of our global carrier network

message history

Know your audience

Track conversations

View detailed subscriber history

Oversee open rates and clicks

Segment data with our built-in analytics tool

Learn from your campaigns

Define strategies on your insights

Analytics and reports

Automate your flows

Start and sustain conversations

Welcomes, reminders, birthdays, name days and more

Fast and reliable REST API

More output, less effort

We will do all the hard work for you

Take back your time to do the things you love

Learn about automations

We are sensitive about your pocket

We do not charge for hard bounced numbers. Our algorithms block text messaging to mobile numbers that are proven invalid or non existing. A fresh and sanitized list means that you send less SMS. And when you send less, you pay less.


Texts are not ignored

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