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Use Tellody to merge your lists

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Drag and drop contact files from your desktop
(CSV, VCF, TXT & Excel)

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Import contacts from your google, yahoo and microsoft accounts

Sanitize your data with contact management system

Sanitize your data with contact management service

No more messy contact lists

No duplicates are allowed in Tellody

We will deal with all the conflicts

Erroneous mobile numbers and email addresses will be imported

Contact Management Service: A fresh and sanitized list means that you send less SMS

A fresh and sanitized list means that you send less SMS

With contact management service, we block text messaging to mobile numbers that are proven invalid or non existing

Bounced mobile numbers are automatically quarantined

With the service contact management system we use advanced algorithms

We use advanced algorithms

We perform sentiment analysis on survey responses

We follow contact behavior and we calculate engagement

We help you identify most & less valuable contacts

More information
We perform sentiment analysis on survey responses
Contact management Service: Extreme segmentations

Extreme segmentations

Send the right message to the right people

Group based on survey submissions, voucher redemptions, contest winners, opt in participations, sentiment and engagement

Use our powerful query builder for laser focus targeting

Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Add as many as you need

Store more information about your subscribers

Use those data to segment more deeply

 Custom Fields
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Geo Marketing

View and target your contacts on the map

Engage your contacts using geographical criteria

Turn information into knowledge

Dive deep into your data

Target with precision

Avoid swarming your audience with messages

Start and sustain personalized conversations

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See your contacts differently

It is easy and fun

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Use Tellody to dive deep into your data

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