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Take advices to heart

Surveys, polls, invitations, feedback forms & more

Attach them as links to your messages

Measure sentiment on subscriber responses and define different strategies

Connect survey data to customer journeys

Our standard templates

Many options to choose from


Customer feedback

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Event feedback

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Emergency announcement

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Customer satisfaction

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Brand loyalty

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Know your most & least valuable contacts

We perform sentiment analysis on survey responses

Group and target by satisfaction levels


Know your most & least valuable contacts

We perform sentiment analysis on survey responses

Group and target by satisfaction levels

Surveys that work for you

Designed to catch your audience's attention and prompt action

Create as many as you want

Consistent with your branding

EU law compliant

View responses

Access detailed data

Get reports on visitors, clicks, conversions

Find out what is working

Segment data with our built-in analytics tool

Analytics and reports

Automate your business flows

Configure complete brand experiences

Combine surveys pages with campaigns, vouchers and landing pages

Automatically reward survey participants with free downloads, exclusive offerings, discounts, gift cars, membership cards, event admissions and more

Learn about automations

Easy builder

Compose your branded surveys effortless

Choose from many lovely templates

Drag and drop photos and question blocks

Replicate and re-order them to get the layout that match your needs

Guaranteed great looks on any device

More things to read

And how Tellody can help you collect and evaluate your audience feedback

Reach your contacts with precision with Tellody's powerful segmentation tool

Use Tellody to dive deep into your data

How it works

Select the survey components that you need

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Attach your surveys as unique links inside your messages

We are calculating audience sentiment based on their survey answers

This is how the survey is delivered

Your contact receives a message that contains a unique link...

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...that leads to his/hers survey

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