Proven and simple steps to grow your list

Create enticing opt in incentives.

A contact list is a collection of email addresses and mobile numbers that a business is building by engaging with potential customers through a variety of methods.

Growing your list is one of the most important things you can do when you are building your brand. With that list, you can share your story, promote your business and showcase your products, all while trying to turn subscribers into paying customers.

But your contacts' email addresses and mobile numbers change. They move from one company to another, change mobile operator, opt-out of your communication or abandon that second address they only use to fill out forms on websites. Having in mind that email and mobile number lists decay by approx. 17% per year it is essential to put your effort in keeping your list not only big but fresh and clean as well. Struggling with a stale list of people is a nightmare.

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Grow your list by 50% by adding a pop-up form to your site

There are many different ways you can entice people to join your email and mobile number list, and the more of them you use the better. You should approach your future audience through a variety of methods and media to succeed a good growth rate.

Below we list some industry standard methods for getting bigger.

Put a sign-up form on your website

Your website should be the primal contact people have with your brand. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with new visitors. Nicely placed opt in forms can help you convert people to subscribers.

Offer amazing stuff

Start new relationships off on the right foot by offering people something of great value like white papers, vouchers, gift cards, membership cards or anything else you think is going to be happily exchanged for an email address or a mobile number. They sign up, you send a welcome message with the goodies automatically.

Use your front office

If you have a retail shop or you are running an organization that many people are visiting, you can print out and put up a QR code that leads to your sign up form. To lure people in you can offer them something nice.

Instant wins and sweepstakes

Ask people to join your list to get a chance in winning something. Membership cards, monthly subscriptions, gift cards, valuable downloads, event admissions. Reward instant win and sweepstakes winners automatically and message participants with a nice welcome message.

Run a quiz on your social media

Request for an email or a mobile number as participation prerequisite and send information messages to quiz winners and participants automatically.

Put a sign-up form on your facebook page

Social media are a powerful tool that can help you build an audience. But because social media contacts have value only inside their framework, it is very important to try and move relationships off those platforms by asking people to join your mailing or texting list. Having a sign-up form on your facebook page will allow you to reach your audience on your own terms.

Be compliant to regulations

This is quite important. EU just updated its data protection and privacy policy regulations. GDPR is changing the way you need to take consent from your new audience. Be sure all the marketing tools you are using are following GDPR regulations. Otherwise you might face the risk of heavy penalties, especially if you operate inside the EU .

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