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Passes for wallet apps

IOS & Android

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Use tellody to send & Validate Codes

  • Codes are unique and not transferable
  • Look and feel is configurable
  • Templates are provided
  • No printing, no extra logistics, no postal costs
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How it works

You configure the desired code service...

Vouchers, tickets, admissions, IDs, member cards, coupons, gift cards

tickets 2 attach the service to your emails and texts as a personalized link

How the service is delivered

Your contact receives a message with a unique link...


...that leads to the code page

Pass generation is supported (Apple Wallet, etc)

Code validation

Scan your codes using Tellody App (Android & IOS)

Set up multiple redeemers for different branches of your business (shops)

One time codes or multiple use loyalty schemes are supported


Validate your codes everywhere

Multiple shops, multiple locations, detailed statistics

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